LRS Connect

LRS Connect is an online portal enabling users to manage guest engagement and staff communication. Organizing guests and staff alike into different lists that represent your business and customer engagement processes, LRS Connect utilizes both SMS and on-site paging to keep everyone in synch to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Location Identification

When rapid deployment of location services is required, LRS is able to provide you with a number of solutions that can mark a specific zone, spot or area. Traffic cones, outdoor labels, and more are all available from LRS so that you can quickly mark any spot you want throughout parking lots, fields, or even streets.


SMS is an effective manner to communicate with customers, guests, and patients. LRS Connect provides robust support for SMS and extends it to a way to engage with your staff as well. So, if you need an immediate way to manage the work flow of your business, LRS Connect enables you to keep your team in synch to deliver the best service possible.

Staff Pagers

Staff paging is the most effective manner to communicate with your staff. Staff paging provides the fastest possible message delivery ensuring your staff stays on top of their work. Utilizing the organization capabilities of LRS Connect in conjunction with staff paging delivers efficient communication with your teams. Immediately available and easy to deploy, LRS can provide you with robust on-site communication capabilities even when no cell service is available, or the use of personal mobile phone is not appropriate.

Guest Pagers

Guest pagers can be an effective tool to ensure social distancing while still being able to keep in contact with guest, patients, and shoppers. By following proper sanitization methods, guest pagers can be used to ensure allow patients return to their car or shoppers to spread out across large distances while still being able to communicate with them to let them know when a doctor can see them or when it’s their turn to pick up an order. In times with cell service is not available or inconsistent, guest paging remains the best manner to communicate. LRS guest paging solutions are available now to support your crisis management needs.


Radios provide immediate voice services between staff members. Times that require robust and detailed two-way communication are best solved through the use of Motorola radios, especially in times of emergency. With several options available, LRS is able to immediately you service your on-site communication needs.