Many retailers have very large parking lots available to meet the needs of their shoppers. When circumstances require a way to immediately shift the delivery of purchases, LRS Connect enables retailers to utilize the entire parking lot as a curbside delivery zone. By continuing to engage customers through pre-existing online or app-based ordering channels, simply send shoppers a confirmation email or text with the LRS Connect link that enables them to self-check-in when they arrive in the parking lot. We can provide ways to uniquely mark all your parking locations to ensure retailers are able to serve as many shoppers concurrently as possible.


When a rapid response is required to a public health emergency, LRS Connect enables healthcare providers to use large areas such as parking lots and fields to process as many patients as possible. With location marking solutions from LRS, providers are able to rapidly set up patient intake and engagement zones in order to concurrently service as many patients as possible. Additionally, by using self-check-in services or through the use of traditional guest and patient paging services, LRS enables healthcare providers to ensure social distancing standards by being able to disperse the intake of patients while remaining able to communicate and engage with them.

Restaurant + Hospitality

When it’s time to convert to curbside delivery of menu items, restaurants are able to utilize LRS Connect to concurrently service as many diners as possible. Without the need for an app or any integration, we are able to immediately turn up curbside delivery services for restaurant diners. Once diners complete the pre-existing online ordering process, simply share the unique LRS Connect web site with the diner. Upon their arrival to the restaurants, the diners will alert the restaurant of their location enabling fast and efficient delivery. Since many restaurants do not have drive-thru capabilities, LRS Connect enables all restaurants to continue to serve their customers no matter what.


Curbside delivery services have been in use for some time by grocers; however, the number of spaces is typically limited to a small portion of the parking lot. LRS Connect enables grocers to immediately take advantage of all parking spaces to rapidly service as many concurrent shoppers as they have parking spaces. With no additional app or integration to the pre-existing shopping experience, grocers are able to provide their shoppers with a unique LRS Connect web site that the shoppers use to check-in once they arrive in the parking lot. Once the shopper fills out the simple web form, the grocer is alerted of the location of their shopper and their order can be rapidly delivered to them anywhere in the entire parking lot.